Fall Harvest and Pumpkin Picking

As the leaves are turning into what is a beautiful canvas of all sorts of colors I find it a great opportunity to point it out to my children the authentic beauty. Autumn and Spring are my favorite seasons of the year.  Over the last several weeks we found ourselves going to multiply farms for the wonderful festivities. Our children especially enjoy riding the hay tractors and going to the pumpkin patch to pick out their very own pumpkin.

Their excitement builds as we stand in line for the tractor ride, they know what awaits them. As we begin to load up and sit on the bails of hay and then begin to pull out on the dirt road my son has the biggest smile on his face and begins to tell me how he is going to find the biggest pumpkin. He then tells me that he is going to find one bigger than his dads and in his details he explains the size of what will be his pumpkin. I nestle right next to him and whisper in his ear that he can find the perfect pumpkin that is on the vine but make sure it’s exactly what you want and not what dad wants you to have. He said I will mommy!

fall harvest

As we unloaded to get the pumpkin patch all the kids ran as far as they could out in the field. I find it amazing that they somehow pass over all the pumpkins in the front rows that are huge. It’s as if they think the farther they go that’s where the perfect pumpkin is.

My son found the pumpkin that he wanted to bring home, only problem that I saw was the size. It was too big for him to carry on his own so he begin to yell for his dad to come and help him.  To my amazement it was perfectly round and one of the biggest pumpkins on the vine. They came back to the tractor and begin to get settled to journey back to the farm house and my son leans over and tells me “mom, I told you I would find the perfect one.”

As I began to ponder on this very eventful month of planning out the activities, decorating our landscape and house, going to pumpkin patches and really being in the spirit of fall. I realize that God has created the leaves just as his perfect design and according to his good pleasures which he has purposed in himself. He has been unveiling the mysteries of his will in my live and this is just one of those that can’t go unnoticed. Each color on the tree that turns for our enjoyment along with what the harvest time means.  The holy spirit began to reveal to me that we should get excited each day we have an opportunity to shine the light to that perfect pumpkin that he has arranged to be in our lives. The holy spirit will skip passed the ones who are not ready just as the children did over the first rows, he will go to the one that has the biggest heart, who is open to the idea of Jesus Christ and who is ready to be picked from the vine.

Just as my son seen the object was too big to carry and he asked his dad for help, it reminded me that sometimes we all need help from our Heavenly Father when the obstacles in our lives are too big and heavy we must reach out for help.  Many are called and few are chosen so I ask are you ready to help with the harvest?


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